What is the most successful way to overcome an addiction to marijuana?

As an addictive drug, marijuana often slides under the radar. Thousands try it for the first time daily.  Many don’t continue to use, but many millions do- in fact, they may continue to smoke on a daily basis.  Although they might not exhibit the same addictive symptoms as an alcohol or heroine user, many feel utterly dependent on the drug.

Ultimately, the only question is: do you feel addicted? And if so, what are you going to do about it?

Where is a marijuana addict to turn?  Well, there’s always the detox facility option.  But have you looked at the success rates?  Not very promising.

Instead of looking into the array of treatments and strategies for quitting your addiction, overcome your addiction through an amazing experience –  the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) facilitated by Rhonda Lenair.

Since 1987, this luminary and visionary healer has been guiding people with addictive behavioral problems through a process that facilitates inner peace and is legendary for producing a ‘predictable miracle’ whereby self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts are effortlessly outgrown without pain, withdrawals, meetings, treatments or therapy.  SHE has helped tens of thousands: alcoholics, smokers, and overeaters alike outgrow their issues.

Michael Posner, a successful chiropractor from New York, is a major proponent of Rhonda’s work:  “Ms. Lenair has touched and helped my life in so many ways… Her medical intuitive abilities are so remarkable that even the most cynical will be impressed, and believe me, I was at first quite skeptical! Over the past 22 years, she has helped many thousands of people Self(s) heal from serious alcohol, smoking and food addictions as well as other emotional traumas. She also shares with you what your body system says it needs to restore your life to the highest degree of balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually: It’s all about you.”

Dr. D. Kinderlehrer, a Tufts University School of Medicine graduate and a board-certified internist in Newbury, has this to say about Rhonda: “I have referred many patients to her for both food and smoking addictions, with excellent results,” he said.  Or consider Sandy Shea’s experience, editor of Boston Phoenix magazine.  In a interview with the Boston Globe, she said: “It certainly amazes me. All I can say is that your need for a cigarette hits a wall and dies…”

Lastly, consider the experience of D. Littles: “I have an addictive personality. I smoked 2 ½ packs of cigarettes a day for 21 years. I was running into health problems, I kept getting cervical cancer, I couldn’t breathe, and it was suggested that I quit smoking. Well that was too much. I couldn’t handle that….  Now six months later I have not had a cigarette since I left Lenair’s office, nor have I had the desire.”

The Self(s) Healing Experience can help with any addictive behavior you may suffer from despite its objective being to attain the sanctity of inner peace.  So, if you are threatened and live under the ‘reign’ of any addiction, SHE can exile it forever.